• What is a laser engraver and what can it do?

    A laser engraver is a machine that uses a invisible laser to etch or engrave designs and pictures onto a large selection of materials. its pretty much a hardcore printer, but instead of ink, it burns away the “paper”.

  • What materials does your laser engraver work on?

    My laser is a 45w Co2 laser, which means it is a medium strength laser capable of engraving most materials, including wood, acrylic, glass, leather, stone and tiles. Its able to cut clean through medium strength wood, acrylic, leather, EVA foam and fabric up to ¼ inch. I am not able to work on PVC in any capacity as it breaks down under a Co2 laser and creates chloride gas.

  • What are the maximum dimensions?

    My machine has a true working area of 20”x12” (50cm x 30cm) but please allow a border on your piece for machining space.

  • How do I prepare a file for you?
    Its really easy! Once we’ve discussed the project, you can just provide me with a basic JPEG, PNG or any other image file type and I am able to engrave it onto your project. If you want it cut all the way through the piece, I will need a Vector image file.

  • Can you engrave this *copyrighted image*?

    No, that would be illegal. If you wish for me to engrave another artists image, I’ll require proof of purchase from that artist for that piece, or proof that the artist is OK with their image being used in such a way.

  • Are you able to engrave on a curved surface, like a champagne glass?
    Yes, I am! This does cost extra, however…

  • What payment options do you accept?
    I accept Paypal and Visa. Once we’ve discussed the project and pricing, I’ll send a Paypal invoice which you can pay via Paypal itself, or using a Visa card.

  • I don’t see many items on your shop page, whats up?
    I do most of my engraving/cutting on a commission/quote basis. if you are interested in commissioning me for work, you can email me at KayNineCreative@gmail.com

  • What is your expected turn around rate?
    It all depends on of the project, and how busy I am at the time (I only have one machine at the moment) so please allow a few days. We can discuss turn around times in more detail as we discuss the project.

  • Do you have a rush fee?
    I do, it depends on the project and how busy I am vs how soon you want it. More details can be discussed via email.

  • What delivery options do you have?
    I ship most pieces via Aus Post, but if the piece is too large/you want it sooner that Aus post is able to do, courier options can be discussed.

  • Your art is amazing! Do you do custom pieces?
    I do! All my art is truly one of a kind pieces. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, simply email me at KayNineCreative@gmail.com to discuss options!

  • I want to buy a piece of art I saw in your store, but its sold out! what can I do?
    I’m sorry! Each piece is totally one of a kind. I cannot recreate the exact piece. I can, however, use similar colours to make a different piece for you if you so wish.